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This SEV solar module for the 2004 through 2009 Toyota Prius generates 215 watts of renewable energy and is the first custom-fabricated compound convex solar module to be commercially produced.
  All models of the SEV system are manufactured with high efficiency mono-crystalline photovoltaic cells.
  The SEV solar system has no moving parts and was designed and tested with durability in mind, is maintenance free and eye-catching.
  The SEV solar system utilizes a supplemental battery pack for additional energy storage capacity and improved HV battery performance which extends electric driving range and improves fuel economy.
  The SEV solar system utilizes proven solid state electronics for charge controlling and battery monitoring.
  The SEV system provides up to 30 miles per day in the battery solar mode, increasing fuel economy.
  The SEV system provides up to 34-60% improved fuel economy depending on driving habits, road speed and conditions.
  The SEV system doesn't require plugging in for charging. The SEV system uses clean renewable energy that is environmentally friendly.  Plug-In conversion kit option is available, and recommended to improve the car’s performance.
  The SEV system is one way to reduce fuel consumption and our dependence on foreign oil imports and is a hedge against the continual rising cost of gasoline.
  We are now offering the Recycled Prius Program where we sell converted Solar Plug-In Prius cars for $25,000.00 (10% deposit required).  Sold in as is condition.
A residential or commercial solar electrical system coupled with the SEV system.
  Provides clean renewable solar energy for the home or office while helping your car consume less gasoline and produce fewer greenhouse gases.
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